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AFD Home Indian in Headdress

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At 39" tall this is a very dramatic sculpture a lost wax cast bronze of an Indian in full Headdress in contrasting verde and polished brown patinas. Although we may not know the symbolic meaning of Indian headdress, many people find them to be beautiful works of art. It is believed that the Sioux Indians created what is thought of as the traditional Indian headdress. This is the feathered headdress often seen on warriors and chiefs in paintings and pictures. Only the most brave and powerful of the tribe wore headdresses, the custom of wearing Indian headdress spread through the many tribes. Warriors earned a feather each time he did something the tribe felt was a brave act. Many times, the first feather earned by a warrior was given to him for being seen as an adult member of the tribe. However, the warrior was not just given the feather. The warrior had to prepare himself to receive such an honor and that often require days of fasting and meditation.


  • Color: Antique Bronze
  • Material: Bronze
  • Dimensions: 23W X 14D X 39H
  • Assembly Required: No