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AFD Home Grand Lady Pilaster Bronzed Finish 915 Inch

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The Grand Lady Pilaster Bronzed Finish stands 21.75 inches Wide X 18.5 inches Deep X 91.5 inches Tall. Originating from a ship masthead of Anglo Saxon Times, our creation was designed for flat wall mounting to create a highly decorative and functioning Pilaster or Sconce. Typically located at the bow of a ship, they are designed for a front primary position. Standing almost 8 ft tall, these are very dramatic, suitable for theatrical use, Clubs, Restaurants, for a smaller size consider the regular size Lady Pilasters 10733460. The big version offered here was originally designed this size for a road tour for the legendary King of Pop, by his creative set director. They are hand cast in durable Fiberglass reinforced resin. The creation is hand finished in a bronze metal finishing process, which actually applies metal particles to the finish giving a Bronze effect. Sold separately but usually purchased in pairs for balance and symmetry. Brought to you by the AFD Home Collection. Hand Made in the Philippines. No Assembly required


  • Color: Bronze Tone
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Dimensions: 21.75W X 18.5D X 91.5H
  • Assembly Required: No