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AFD Home Mystique Gray Continental Linen Queen Chair

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Introducing a very impressive Mystique Grey Continental Linen Queen Chair. The scale of this chair is not only monumental, it features elaborate hand carved details and has now been beautifully combined with one of the hottest finish's in the market Heritage's Mystique Grey Finishing, a neutral or achromatic color. It features a neutral Linen woven in a heavier weight for a finer longer lasting quality. The design offers a Continental Stateliness. Our Mystique Grey finishing technique has evolved and exploded over the years in popularity and as such, is the special focus of this new Collection. Mystique Grey is so placeable by today’s top designers because it is truly a color that is without color, A salute to a new contemporary, sophisticated lifestyle, a combination of finish and design that celebrate the beauty of fine grain of the Mahogany wood and enhance the vestiges of this rich wood gloriously visible in a tone that will create solidity to your overall design. Pair it with other of the Mystique Mahogany Grey Designs. Sold Singularly but often ordered in Pairs! No assembly is Required !


  • Color: Mystique Gray ,Beige Linen
  • Material: Mahogany Wood, Linen
  • Seat_Height: 17
  • Dimensions: 40W X 29D X 72.75H
  • Assembly Required: No